Tuesday, September 6, 2016

3rd day of 4th grade

The third day of school was even cuter than the first! We signed (an invisible) contract this summer that says I get to do her hair again. I so missed doing it when I was working last year. I'm sure we'll quickly have less time to spend on hairdos and outfits, but for now it's fun. I thought for sure the bandana would be off by midday, but she kept it on all day.

Her shorts are from Zara  |  tee shirt from H&M  | shoes from Nine West  |  vintage bandana 

Unfortunately for her fourth day of school, and Labor Day for that matter, she caught a case of the sickies. But somehow that afforded me time to work on a second blog post in two days. 
Here's to wellness and a great fourth grade year. 


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