Saturday, July 12, 2014

camp debbie day two

Tuesday morning we had tasty french toast made with fresh eggs that Chloe gathered from the coop. Prior to that I had a coffee date with Destiny. That's the horse's name, I didn't really have a date with destiny. I slept in a bit, but then we did muck out stalls. Chloe hung out with the younger chickens quite a bit, naming them all.
That horse smile cracks me up every time. 
We hung out with the horses, Chloe rode a bit. I rode a bit. The neighbor horses came for a visit. It was windy! We watched The Black Stallion while we ate lunch and those of us over age 7 might have dozed off a bit. For dinner that night we went to Kernville to That's Italian where Chloe devoured the first portion of pasta they gave her, and then three quarters of the second bowl they gave her. And garlic bread. Her appetite makes me happy, especially when we've been out in the sunshine working and playing. Maybe we need to start ordering adult-size portions for her at Italian places?

Debbie and Jim humored me and stopped on the side of the road so that I could take photos of signs and whatnot. We stopped at a little market in Kernville for breakfast items, and ran into some firefighters who were taking a break from working on the Shirley fire. You can see some smoke in the photo above. It was a great second day at Camp Debbie.

Monday, June 30, 2014

heartbreak coffee

The women of Heartbreak Coffee are some of the nicest you'll meet, and they are passionate about what they do. Gretchen and Michelle are opening up a brick and mortar shop in downtown Long Beach, reviving an old storefront and helping to revive Long Beach Boulevard. Saturday Geoff, Chloe and I got a taste of what their shop will be like when we visited their PopUp shop. The coffee was yum, as were the pastries, and we ran into two friends, it felt just like a neighborhood coffee spot should feel. 
They have two days left on their Kickstarter Campaign. Check them out, maybe you can lend a few dollars, or if not, share their page. They've come so far, but still have a ways to go! Did you know that if your goal isn't met on Kickstarter you don't get any of the funds? True. They knew the amount was high, but alas that how much it costs to move their roaster and get all the proper licensing and start a business. If they don't reach their goal then they need to get investors, etc. The storefront will still happen, just on slightly different terms.  
I can tell you it will be a lovely shop. Their aesthetic is gorgeous, Chloe said, "I want to come here every day!" And she's got pretty good taste, that one.  

Wishing you best of luck Heartbreak Coffee!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

camp debbie day one


Chloe and I are serious horse lovers, and so is Geoff's sister, Debbie. Now, a lot of people like horses, but not everyone is a full-on LOVER.  There is one sure-fire way to know if you are a true horse lover, kind of a litmus test, if you will. When you drive by a stable do you inhale deeply? If you do, and you love that smell I'm pretty sure you are a LOVER.  So, we three girls bonded over the love back on this trip and since then she and her husband have moved from Santa Barbara to Weldon.  At every family gathering Chloe and Aunt Debbie would chat it up about her horses, and more recently Debbie has been inviting Chloe to come stay for a few days. We started referring to this idea as Camp Debbie and since it is a three hour drive, I couldn't just drop her off, I would really have to stay at Camp Debbie.  You know, to conserve gas and all.  (I totally wanted to go to Camp Debbie! It sounded way too fun.)

Chloe of course chose the first week of summer to go, because she's seven and why would you wait for the best week ever? My being 39 (for two more months!) and practical I thought why not do it towards the end of summer so that you have something to look forward to? But I couldn't really justify putting it off. There would be June gloom here on the coast anyway, let's go! Debbie and Jim were agreeable to this time table, and so the first week of summer was spent at Camp Debbie and man was it a good time.

It's going to take me a couple posts to get through the week because not only was it fun with horses, it was also a photographic dream. So there are lots of pictures.

We arrived around 4pm after a quick stop in Mojave. There were so many places I wanted to stop and take photos on the way, but Chloe wanted to get there so badly, she only humored me in windy Mojave. Actually it was windy everywhere that day. We arrived, unloaded the car, met all the animals, gathered eggs, had a quick ride, fed the horses, and headed into town to pick up Chinese food. Whew!