Hiee!  I'm Tracy Flaming.

I'm a Mom to Chloe, wife to Rocker Geoff, and sometimes I blog here. I'm inconsistent. 

I love photography, interior design and all kinds of DIY. I prefer quick projects, a clean house, and being warm. I like having my nails painted, but it rarely happens. I also love my bed and coffee. And coffee in bed delivered by my husband. The beach, the desert. Dessert. Dessert in the desert. Red wine, moscow mules, vodka, and beer, especially IPAs.

I believe there should be a plant in every room. 

I dislike: dog hair everywhere, flavored coffee/creamer. Dirty floors. My magazines arriving wrinkled. Being cold! (I am cold at sixty degrees.) I can't handle poor table manners or misuse of apostrophes. 'Paint Nite' is my worst nightmare and I cringe every time I see people post them on facebook. 

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