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The women of Heartbreak Coffee are some of the nicest you'll meet, and they are passionate about what they do. Gretchen and Michelle are opening up a brick and mortar shop in downtown Long Beach, reviving an old storefront and helping to revive Long Beach Boulevard. On Saturday when we visited their PopUp shop, Geoff, Chloe and I got a taste of what their shop will be like. The coffee was yum, as were the pastries, and we ran into friends, it felt just like a neighborhood coffee spot should feel. 
They have two days left on their Kickstarter Campaign. Check them out, maybe you can lend a few dollars, or if not, share their page. They've come so far, but still have a ways to go! Did you know that if your goal isn't met on Kickstarter you don't get any of the funds? True. They knew the amount was high, but alas that how much it costs to move their roaster and get all the proper licensing and start a business. If they don't reach their goal then they need to get investors, etc. The storefront will still happen, just on slightly different terms.  
I can tell you it will be a lovely shop. Their aesthetic is gorgeous, Chloe said, "I want to come here every day!" And she's got pretty good taste, that one.  

Wishing you best of luck Heartbreak Coffee!

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