Saturday, January 22, 2011

Starting Saturday off right.

I started this morning off with coffee and magazines in bed.  Absolutely delightful.  I love magazines.  Love.  And I was alone with them.  

On the superpragmatic side, I noticed on a recent trip to Lowe's that they had these free classes on Saturday mornings.  This weekend's class was full, but I signed Geoff and Chloe up for the next one in February where they will build a music box.  
It being Saturday, Geoff needed to go to Lowe's anyway, so I suggested they go together to see if maybe someone didn't show for today's class, and there was room for Chloe.  Apparently they had a great turn out, but the nice lady at Lowe's couldn't turn this girl down, yay! 
I'm so glad they went, they had a great time!  Chloe hammered the nails herself.  Along with her apron, she got safety goggles and two balls for the ball toss.  What a great program, check to see if there is one in your area. 
Have a great weekend, everyone.  I'm going to get outside and enjoy it.  


  1. We were going to check those out too but felt Larra was too small. If Chloe is good with it I bet that Larra will be too. Thanks for posting

  2. They came home with the kit package and it said 5+ on it, but Geoff said Chloe had no problem with it. He helped her finish the nails, but she had a great sense of pride over the whole thing.


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