Thursday, April 21, 2011

the basket.

I like it to seem overflowing, so there is paper crumpled at the bottom.  
I found that bag in the dollar bin at Target, it was $2.50.  She will use it a lot; every time she goes to one of her Grandma's she takes all kinds of stuff with her, I imagine it will also make several trips to the beach and pool.  To personalize it I did a little freezer paper stencil action.  

The kid is always asking for marshmallows as if they are a food group, and I don't know why, they are not something I keep in the house.  So when I saw these I thought they would be a perfect treat to go in the eggs.  The bunny fruit snacks will aslo go in the eggs because while I am not opposed to candy, the truth is she will get more than enough from other family members throughout the day.  The marshmallows are a step up from the Cheerios I usually put in the eggs.  Truth be told there will probably be some Cheerios out there.  She will be hungry!  Also some big kid toothpaste, and water balloons and Sesame Street books from the dollar bin at Target. 
The outfit at left I'm hoping she'll wear for Easter with those cute silver sandals I found at Marshalls.  
But we'll see.  
The husband and I went through her basket this morning and felt it was a little clothes-heavy, so I ran to Hallmark and got this cute puzzle I spotted there weeks ago.  It was five bucks, and they also had the cute little wind-up bath toys.  They are too cute--a little manatee and a sea otter.  Stopped at See's for a chocolate bunny and we're done!  
All we have to do Saturday night is fill all the eggs with treats and we are ready.  Whew.  


  1. Love! The Easter Bunny spoils that girl! Seeing this (and your previous Easter goodies posts) makes me excited to assemble Henry's first basket.

  2. Sara, you are right. I think the bunny was feeling rather guilty about the lack of basket last year. The other thing is that we are lucky enough to get a lot of hand-me-downs, so it is rare that I buy her clothes. Yesterday she said Easter is better than Christmas. Oh boy. In terms of candy and sugar, that is probably true.

  3. i need the bags (i would totally buy them for my girls personalized), the marshmallows and the dollar books. i am so so so so missing Target right now.

  4. If I see the bags I again I will pick them up for you. They aren't super durable looking at $2.50 but should last a few seasons unless they are carrying rocks in them.

  5. This is so awesome! It's the best Easter basket I've ever seen.


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