Sunday, April 3, 2011

I like easter.

I always have.  I love the hunt.  And I think it's a fun day to give because people never expect gifts on Easter.  Before my daughter was born I would make Martha Stewart-inspired cupcakes and fill pastel- colored chinese food containers with candy and goodies and we'd get up early in the morning and leave baskets on the doorsteps of our friends.  The best kind of ding-dong ditch-em.  I made myself crazy with the baking of the cupcakes, but it was so much fun to sneak around on Easter morning and leave gifts around town.  

Geoff and I would have a lot of fun shopping for each other as well, the easter bunny always got him something yard related; one year it was a weed wacker.  Once he sent me on a scavenger hunt, I had to figure out the clues along the way.  The clues even rhymed.  

When Chloe came along we kinda stopped shopping for each other, and I got a lot of stuff Chloe needed, as well as a few things she didn't.  So here is a glimpse at a few Easters past, and in the next few weeks I'll share what she's getting this year.

I am all about the utilitarian basket.  Geoff has given me several bags (I love bags)  over the years.  One was a woven thing perfect for the beach, another is still used for over nighters or trips to the gym. It's been a little trickier for Chloe, but this particular year she needed a bin for toys and I had been eyeing this one at Target, so I  filled it with goodies. But, I totally cheated, there are some bath towels rolled up to fill in the space at the bottom.  

You can view this photo with notes.
The following year the basket was a bit smaller, but it was chock-a-block full.  
There are a lot of spring-themed items from the dollar bin at Target, a swimsuit (which has become a tradition), a sundress, some markers, frilly socks, a bunny puzzle, shorts and a sun hat.  Oh, and that seahorse bubble blower, that thing was awesome.  That was from Cost Plus World Market, which I have to say is a great source for Easter goodies, but it will set you back a lot more than Target would.  I may go there for one toy to include--they have wind up bath toys which were always my favorite, and Chloe has never experienced one of those.  

Looking back, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to out-do the toy box one.  That hand-made bunny puts it over the edge for me.  And I love Taro Gomi's book Spring Is Here.  There is just so much I love about that first basket.  
So.  Apparently the hunt starts now! As in I start hunting for easter basket goodies!  I already have the swim suit, I bought it online a while ago because I am pretty picky about little girl swimsuits looking like they are meant for little girls.  I went with this one because it reminds me of an easter egg.  Totes perfect for this theme.  

I'll be back soon with more ideas.  I'd love to see your ideas and/or previous baskets, so please link away!


  1. So fun! Let the hunting begin, happy easter!

  2. I love this!!! I will link later to previous and future EB baskets. I adore the idea of you leaving them on doorsteps. That is such a wonderful gesture.


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