Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Italy

Wednesday we headed to San Diego, grabbed some friends and visited the South Park area.  There is great shopping at the corner of Juniper and 30th, and next time we're going to eat at Station Tavern, because it looks pretty awesome.  That night we went to Little Italy to carb-up for our big day at the zoo.
Chloe and our server, Vince had a flirt affair, we had great food and I had a nice chianti.  Apparently a trip to Little Italy is not complete without a trip to Blick, so that's where we went.  
We didn't go in the Whistle Stop, just snapped a photo out front.  


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  1. I love that photo of her. What a grin she has! And I bet she's very adept at flirting. :)


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