Tuesday, July 26, 2011

what's in my bag

My $5.99 bag from Old Navy.  This is a paired down version of my normal bag, I've lightened up for summer. We have: point & shoot camera, various lippies, children's benadryl, swagger pin, advil, pen, pencil, eye glasses, sunscreen, wallet, hair clip, scarf that was wrapped around my camera, coin purse that holds change and starbucks cards, zippered pouch full of coupons.

I've not been feeling very chatty the last few days, but I have been looking around at pretty things.
This collection of illustration and design curated by Because it's Awesome is gorgeous.
Victoria of sfgirlbybay creates the most amazing diptychs in her series Separated At Birth, they never fail to make me smile, and then boggle my mind with her curatorial abilities.

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