Sunday, August 21, 2011

le weekend

My husband is working next weekend so we decided to celebrate my birthday a few days early.  Here's what I had hoped to do this weekend.  And here's what we actually did, in pictures.

The Runyon Canyon hike has been rescheduled for September as my friend had a big work project to launch, and that was just fine because it ended up being a very full Saturday.

We hit The OC Mart Mix and had lunch at the food trucks. I had a great salad at from Louk's Greek, which featured some the freshest, most delicious feta cheese I've ever had. Geoff had lunch from Barcelona on the Go, and Chloe had a quesadilla from The Lime Truck.  Everything we had was tasty.  We bought some peaches and pluots at the little farmer's market, which is about the prettiest farmer's market I've seen display-wise.  The fruit was delish.

The baristas at Portola Coffee Lab are serious about their brews, and  I wholeheartedly appreciate their commitment to good coffee; it was a treat.  I was disappointed that I didn't get a fancy design in my foam. I ordered a cappuccino solely for the pretty foam art, as I prefer coffee with cream.   Am I missing it?  Is it a heart or a snail?

We shopped, we ran to H&M at South Coast Plaza so I could get something new to wear that evening, Chloe got some cute new duds for school, she rode the carousel, I tried on some makeup, we ate some dark chocolate at See's to keep our energy up.  It was a whirlwind day!

I will post le weekend part deux very soon.

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