Tuesday, August 30, 2011

natural history

Just days left to finish everything on my summer to do list.  Last week we went to the Natural History Museum, and I fell in love with it.  It was awesome, the staff was friendly and helpful, and if it were closer I would apply for a job there, what a great place.  Oh, and Nicole Sullivan sat next to me at the dinosaur encounter.  When I first saw her I thought Amy Poehler--funny & blonde, and looked for Will Arnett. When I didn't see Will, I thought the man must be the manny.  But then I heard her voice and remembered her from Mad TV. Anyway, super cute family. 
Made it to Vet's stadium last weekend, and found what I was looking for and more, but have yet to photograph those items.  I am so intimidated by still photos that I just don't want to take them. Maybe I'll have Chloe hold them up for me, that would erase the intimidation factor.
Yesterday we made it to Laguna for some beach time.  Had a little lunch at Scandia and went to Pearl Street, for no particular reason other than that's where I finally found parking.  It was beautiful.  I don't know why a beach 29 miles away is so much more beautiful, but it is, and I will happily drive there any time.  
Did I mention I want a job at the NHM?  Look how beautifully these are hung and lit.  I'm not a fan of buck heads in general, but this is so pretty and thoughtful.   
I couldn't help but sing They Might Be Giants while walking through the new dinosaur hall. 

I am savoring these mornings where we get to linger without alarm clocks and have breakfast when we're hungry instead of when we need to in order to get out the door in time for school.  But I also welcome the routine and schedule, and gym time alone.  

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