Thursday, August 25, 2011

thirty seven

This is how it looks on me.
I've had those wrinkles on my forehead since I was five.  Too much squinting with light-sensitive eyes, I suppose.  So, I'm used to them, but they are more pronounced these days.  I've been wearing fringe in recent years to hide them, and make me look younger.  My pores are bigger.  I have a lot of sun spots, those started in my twenties, and were officially noted at twenty-seven.  I remember because I saw a dermatologist shortly before my wedding and he double-checked my chart to see how old I was.  "You are prematurely aging."  Yes, thanks for saying so, may I please have the prescription for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) so that I don't have Niagara Falls from my pits on my wedding day?   Thanks.  

So yeah.  That's me, multi-tasking--on the phone with my mom while taking a self portrait in my bathroom on a warm summer afternoon.  

Here's to a great 37th year.  

*I didn't do anything to these photos besides a midtones bump on the bottom two.  

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