Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the most sensational muppet party

Last year I did a less than stellar job planning Chloe's birthday party.  I don't think she noticed, because she had a great time.  But I had a good case of mommy guilt over it.  This year?  This year was awesome!  Through excellent timing and our proximity to Hollywood, we were able to make her wishes come true and man, did that feel GOOD. Also?  We got to see Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy in person!  I was just as excited as she was.  

After seeing the Muppets over Thanksgiving weekend, she decided she wanted a Muppet birthday party. I was gung-ho to make it happen for her, planning out crafts and food. I collected images on Pinterest and showed them to her.  She was disappointed, "that's not what I was thinking.  I want Kermit and Miss Piggy there."  I couldn't foresee a way to make that happen.  I'm sure a Beverly Hills housewife could make that happen--with connections and cash, but I have neither   I remembered the flier from the El Capitan which included a holiday singalong with Kermit and Miss Piggy...LIVE.  We booked it, and she invited her bestie from preschool. I'm happy to say it lived up to all of our expectations.  Sometimes Disney really comes through with the magic, and this was one of those times for sure.  
The girls realized during the movie that we were in thee Muppet Theater and they squealed with delight. 
I packed fruit loops and gummy bears for a rainbow connection, we had popcorn, too. After the movie we got to visit Miss Piggy's wardrobe. The lavender one was Penny's favorite, the sparkly one was Chloe's, the black leather karate one was mine.  Geoff loved them all.
After the movie and viewing Miss Piggy's wardrobe we stepped out for some fresh air, and back in again for The Most Sensational Muppet Party, also known as lunch.

*I have yet to get to all the fabulous pictures from lunch, but I will add them one of these days! We had such a great time. 

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