Wednesday, September 5, 2012

her first day of kindergarten

                            my wish is that she always gazes at her reflection with this same admiration.  

I hope it went great, off to pick her up now.
4:30pm editing to add a recap of her day.

The first thing she told me was, "Momma, we need put my hand sanitizer on my lunch bag because it is on my back pack and when I go to lunch I don't have my backpack. My friends let me use theirs today.    Got it, little lady, we'll make that happen today.

She made two new friends, Ella and we can't remember the name of the other girl.  She told me at one o'clock and now neither of us can remember, but she has blonde hair like Chloe.

When I asked if she played on the playground at recess she said, "No, it was too crowded so I didn't want to play.  I wanted to hold Mrs. B's hand and stay with her, but she said, 'Chloe, this is Ella and she doesn't want to play either, so maybe you can hold her hand.' So me and Ella sat on the bench and talked about things."
Oh, I like that Mrs. B, she has good ideas.

"We read a book and it was called The Night Before Kindergarten, and it's just like The Night Before
Christmas except it's about Kindergarten.  And all the parents cry because they miss their kids. Did you cry Momma?"
No, I didn't cry.

Did you stand up and tell everyone your name, or did they call roll today?
-They called our names.
Were you the last one?
-I was the very last one. They called my name and I stood up and they put my name tag on me, up here, but it was bothering me, so they go the other teacher's special tape and they put it on me right here.  (It was double packing taped across her belly, must have lost its sticky in its first location.)

And Momma, I helped the teacher today.  Do you know what day it is? It's Wednesday.
And the toilets broke so we had to make two lines and I was the girls' line leader. And there wasn't any toilet paper.  But Natalie gave me some.

That's what I got from her at pick up, on the way to the car, on our drive, and over ice cream at Ruby's.
There may be more stories tonight over dinner.  I am just happy to have the privilege to pick her up myself and hear the stories first-hand.  And the luxury to write it all down for posterity.  


  1. ohhh my gosh she is beautiful. sounds like she had a great first day - but did you cry???!

  2. That might be the cutest first-day outfit ever.


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