Monday, April 22, 2013

fresh from the flea

I went to the Long Beach Antique Market Sunday morning, and I was really rusty about the whole flea market experience. While it happens once a month, I go maybe once a year, so I forgot how to do it. The unwritten laws of the flea market. The most important being if you see something you like, buy it. You can't walk the aisles while you ponder the cost, where you'll put it, will the husband like it? This was the first time I've gone by myself and it's just not a good idea for me, I need a sounding board. I'd like to think I learned my lesson this time, but just in case, I'm writing it down so that I can come here for a refresher the next time I go.

  • If you like it, buy it. 
  • Ask yourself: if someone else picked that up right now, would you be heartbroken? If yes, buy it. If not, move along. 
  • Most vendors have Square, so if you don't have enough cash, don't worry about it. (I tend to think the money in my pocket is the only money have, so I better not spend it all in one place--what if the next booth has the Best Thing EVER and I don't have enough cash?!)
  • If you miss out on an object, like an awesome bar cart that was a great deal and would have been perfect, don't beat yourself up over it. It wasn't meant to be. (Still kicking myself.)
  • Your feet will thank you for making up your mind on sight, don't walk the whole thing three times because you can't decide! Make up your mind and get on your way. 
I did end up getting a few things I'm happy with, and this soldered glass planter was my last find of the day. The seller wanted $35, but a piece of glass was missing, so he talked himself down to $15, and then to $10. I really didn't say a thing, my silence seemed to make him keep dropping the price. I walked away unsure, just as I had all day. But I made my way back because I couldn't stop thinking about that dirty little planter.

The seller had wrapped that chain around the top so that it could be hung. But it's heavy with soil and plants and the soldering seems kinda fragile, so I think it will sit tabletop. 

All cleaned up. One piece is on a hinge for ease. Filled it with some cactus potting soil, along with some of the $1 succulents and cacti also from the flea market. You gotta love one dollar succulents. The metal basket is full of succulents that Dixie (our puppy) has torn from my pots.  I just collect them in there and let them dry out for replanting. It's a lovely cycle of pull out, dry, replant. That dog. 

Just quickie pics from my iphone today. Here's to a good week! 

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  1. Cute planter - looks so right. I totally hear ya on the "buy it if you love it"... I have regrets ;)


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