Tuesday, May 27, 2014

three things: tuesday

1. I have been growing my hair out for three plus years and I am so happy to finally have long-ish hair again. I'm not sure how this bun happened and stayed that way all morning, but I love that my hair is long enough to be all floppy on top of my head! Simple pleasures. 

2. Chloe loves this top of mine. She loves every time I wear it. She says it reminds her of her first day of kindergarten, that I wore it with my green jeans. That after school she sat on my lap telling me all about her day and touching my chest and looking at the pattern. I will probably have this blouse forever because she has such fond memories of it. And she says I look pretty in it! 

3. Ashley Jennett of The Stork and the Beanstalk is coming to our house Thursday for a mother and child session. I am therefore scrambling around the house trying to pick up/put away/hang anything I may see in the background of a photo that would bug me. And also stopping to take a selfie and blog about it because that is a really good way to manage your time when there is only one-hour left til school pickup and you still have three hours of work left to do. Am I right?  

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