Monday, November 3, 2014

happy halloween!

Between her costume and my listening to 1920's jazz while editing, this post has gone very vintage.

We had an extra fun Halloween this year. There were a lot of families out in our neighborhood and we ran into lots of friends from school. After trick-or-treating we joined some neighbor-friends at their house for more good fun. Geoff and I clinked cups every time we saw an Elsa.

Each year Chloe looks most forward to visiting our neighbor who hands out brand new books to every trick-or-treater She is so generous and always seems to know the perfect book to chose for our girl. This year it was "Unicorn Magic." Such a special treat. And the neighbor across the street who is a former teacher gave her a notebook, ruler, pencils, bubbles, and a book. Which reminds me we need to write a thank you for that.

It rained which was fantastic! Most everyone had finished trick-or-treating by then, so it didn't spoil a thing. I left the party for a bit to check out a haunted maze which scared the crap out of me, which is precisely what I was after.  All in all, an excellent time. And I have to say, I think everyone we visited (especially the elders) was really happy to see a little flapper, something they recognized amongst all more fleeting television, movie, and game characters that were out. It was fun for them.

Yay to it feeling like Fall!

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  1. You guys look amazing! Kudos to the originality!!


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