Monday, March 23, 2015


A letter came home with Chloe from the school nurse. The one that says "your child may have some vision difficulty, we recommend that your child have a complete vision exam as soon as possible." The timing couldn't have better as we just got new vision coverage.

Also kind of funny, about six months ago she was wishing she had eye glasses and bought herself a pair with clear lenses.
We ended up popping the lenses out so that her eyes didn't incorrectly focus, and she still wears them now and then. But it is a different thing entirely when you're told you have to wear glasses. The option is always better, isn't it?

I remember all too well standing in the ophthalmologist's office with my mom and brother and feeling completely deflated and small and ugly when I was told I'd have to wear glasses for reading for my astigmatism. I think I was in fourth grade. The glasses were so, so unattractive and there were probably two choices: ugly and slightly less ugly. I'd show you a photo but I don't think any exist with me in them. I hated them. The were pink with drop down sides. So bad. At one point the drop down sides matched my drop-crown perm and were highlighted by my braces and headgear. It was a rough year for me.

So, with those ugly feelings somehow still fresh thirty plus years later, I decided to arm my little cutie with a head full of cute eyewear ideas before she hears she has to wear glasses. Most optometrists don't stock a whole lot of cute frames for kids, I have no idea why, but they don't. It's not that they don't exist. Luckily, a friend on Instagram has a daughter who wears some of the cutest frames I've ever seen and she directed me to Zenni Optical. They have really cute, super affordable frames. We could even afford to get a couple pairs so she can change them out with her mood & outfit.

Now she's not afraid to be sentenced with prescription glasses, but instead maybe even a little excited to be able to see better--she does love to read. Also? We'll totes be twins. I'm excited to get some new frames myself.

When I can lighten the load on her little 8 year old heart, you bet I am going to. Thank goodness for online resources that can make life a little easier. Wish us luck as we head off to our eye exams!

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