Monday, July 13, 2015

summer planning / documenting

So, I suck at making plans. I don't like to be overbooked, but I also hate to have August arrive and feel like we've done nothing all summer. I want Chloe's summer to be fun, but I still have to get some household stuff done and I find that a challenge at times.

In previous years I have felt like I was failing at summer if I didn't have something fun planned everyday. But even on days that we did nothing, we still did stuff. Like stay in pajamas all day and watch movies. But I didn't have anything to show for it and it felt like the days kind of ran together.

We ended up at the laundromat the first day of summer and I found it humorous, so I took a picture and posted it on Instagram.  The next day I posted another because we ended up having to go to several stores for a recipe, and I thought even though we're sometimes doing mundane things, we are filling our days and we are together, and often times it's beautiful. Or at least I chose to find the beauty in those moments and places. So this project started. And we'll now have books to show what we did this summer, events both big and small.

A day spent in jammies watching old movies is equally important to a trip to a water park, Knott's Berry Farm, or the Natural History Museum.

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It struck me as funny because it was the most mundane, boring thing to do the first day of summer, taking a bunch of blankets to laundromat. But Chloe was up for anything and the fact that the place happened to be called Launderland was just hilarious to me. The next day was something else silly, and so the project was born. Now I'm half way to printing the first 60 days of our summer. I'm going to use Chatbooks to print as they are gorgeous and affordable and the format is perfect for this project.

I think we'll both treasure these books forever. If you'd like to follow along or catch up on what we've done, you can follow the hash tag #superpragmaticsummer on Instagram.

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