Thursday, March 17, 2011

A six-minute makeover

My husband had an idea last night, he said "I think those ugly things on the garage windows are just inserts--this weekend we should try and take them out and then maybe put some contact paper on the windows instead."  I agreed it was a brilliant idea, but I couldn't wait till this weekend!  I went out there this morning and tore them all out.  So funny, we both hated the way they looked, but never really looked at them to see if anything could be done about it, short of spending five thousand dollars on a new garage door.
They still don't match my dream garage door, but at least I don't hate it as much as I did yesterday!  
This weekend we'll see see if we need to do the contact paper for privacy or not.  

The Info:  I just gently pushed up on the inserts to pry them out from the edges.  A couple of them broke in the process, but I'm recycling those puppies anyway.  So happy to see them go.  No tools required, just a bit of muscle.  They had a ton of dirt behind them, so I quickly sprayed down and washed the garage door.  The six minutes included me taking before and after photos--I was at the peak of my coffee rush, I guess.  

This is the garage door I really want.  Time to apply for HGTV's Curb Appeal.  A fresh coat of paint and a new garage door would be so dreamy.
Benjamin Moore's Hazelwood 1005 with white trim would make a world of difference.  
Their color gallery is so much fun to play with.  

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