Friday, March 4, 2011

I need new glasses in a bad way.   My old ones are so scratched and the prescription isn't good anymore, basically they are good for nothing, and I need glasses.  I have a hard time sitting at the computer for any length of time without them.  All this to say, this is why I've not been blogging.  My eyes hurt.  I kept trying to find the glasses I want at a much lower price and it turns out, eyeglasses are not something you skimp on.  Really wish I'd ordered them three months ago, now I have to wait for the Vera Wang rep to come in and bring back the frames I wanted three months ago but refused to pay that amount for.  Sometimes being Superpragmatic doesn't pay.  Lesson learned.

I did hit the sale at Border's this morning, our local one is closing so everything in the store is 25% off or more.  Magazines are half off but are already really picked over.  I got two Ellie Krieger cookbooks because I love her, and while 25% off isn't usually enough for me, I have learned that if I wait for the deep discounts the ones I want will be gone.  If there are some books you've been waiting to buy, or you want to do some early holiday and birthday shopping, now's the time to go.

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