Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love summer

The list of things I love about summer is long.  Very long.  So here is a short list.  Actually, I may have to do it in installments.  Today it's all about my backyard.   

That bokeh there in the fire pit?  That is on the list.  Our fire pit is on old washing machine basin and if you let your eyes relax and watch the firelight dance through the little perforations, it is really mesmerizing and quite beautiful.  Also on the list are: 
  • Outdoor dining.  
  • Lighter dinners.  
  • A surprisingly delicious Sauvignon Blanc, but then again, Sanford can do no wrong.    
  • S'mores!  
  • Apricots.  Tons and tons of apricots.  
  • Chloe's crazy outfits. 
  • Twinkle lights. 
  • Exploring at night with flashlights. 
  • Watching for fruit bats; creepy and cool. 
  • Neighbors over on a Monday night. Til ten!

And here's to finally feeling inspired instead of intimidated when I receive a compliment on my blog.  It's a strange thing, I know, but I usually feel stifled when someone tells me they enjoy my blog; I am unable to write for several days.  But tonight something clicked with me and I was inspired to sit down and write instead of running to hide.  Little victory.  

I'd love to hear your summer faves!  


  1. Cheers to you Tracy. Great photos and thanks for the impromptu invite-we enjoyed hanging out. Keep writing.

  2. Hi Tracy!

    Really beautiful. I had a peaceful time looking at your pics tonight after a long day. I read back to the Japanese garden visit. The carrot centerpiece was very clever, and I hadn't seen that before. I also like your zoo pics. I really need to get my girls down to Socal sometime. We haven't even been to Disneyland. Makes me homesick for Long Beach.

    You really shouldn't doubt yourself for a minute in blogland. Even your zoo pics were good. More posts!

  3. I guess I was really into your zoo pics :)

  4. My summer favorite...SUN!!

    and OMG! I feel the same way...blogging is funny. ((HUGS))


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