Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What 'ready for soccer' looks like.

Not sure how I let two weeks pass without a single blog post.  I swear I've written five posts in my head since then, I have, I've just not sat at the computer to actually type them up and hit publish. Woops.

Summer is flying by.

We have been busy with swim lessons, soccer, and fit camp (for me) three times a week.  When it's nice and warm I tend to run to the beach because I learned from last year's cool days to grab them up while we can.  Thus far this summer we are having more normal temps, and that makes me happy.

She started soccer two weeks ago--when I asked her if she was ready to go, this is what I got.  Chloe still in her pajamas, and her face covered in makeup.  I figured we wouldn't make it beyond orientation.

But she liked it.  She was kinda good at it, and the next week she was ready.  Shin guards and all.  We still need to get some good tennies, then we should be all set for soccer.  

Chloe's taking the summer off from preschool, which means we are together 24/7, so the projects around the house are pretty much non-existent.  The half-done projects are a plenty.  As quick as the four hours go by while she's at school, I really miss that time to catch up and get things done around here.  As soon as I get used to this schedule, it will be Fall.  Isn't that how it always goes?

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