Thursday, July 21, 2011

attempted DILO

(day in the life of)
This was one of those days where I sit in my car for ten seconds while I decide whether or not I want to run back inside and get my camera. I don't think I've ever regretted having my camera with me, but I have regretted not having it.  I did run out of batteries, but it is better to have half the day captured than none at all.

That was the last shot of the day.  Now that I think about it, we didn't do much after that besides nap.  
Oh, and we have a swimmer now.  Squeal!  So proud of her.  


  1. It looks like it was a fabulous day, I'd need a nap too, lol.

  2. I'm still amazed you had longer days than this while very pregnant.


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