Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I always enjoy InStyle magazine's transformations, where they show a celebrity over the years, or over one year; how they change their hair and makeup.  You know the pages I'm talking about?  Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be featured in InStyle any time soon, so I did it myself.  While I don't attend movie previews or fancy parties with swag bags, I do change my hair a lot.  And I wanted to see all the "styles" in one place.
So here are my transformations.  Narcissistic much?   Not sure about that, but I do seem a little crazy about my hair.
This is May-September of 2010, looks like four haircuts, one dye job, and a part change.
I would change my hair every week if I could. Fringe, no fringe, blonde, brunette, shaggy, sharp.
Not sure what this says about me.

Below is May-July of 2011.  What am I doing with my hair the other months of the year? Not sure why I only have pictures of spring and summer.
I cannot believe I took the time to do this.  But Chloe is napping, and here I am.  Clearly it means it's time for a haircut!  Or color or fringe or...


  1. I have an overwhelming urge to chop off ALL my hair, little missy ma'am is already starting to grab it and I don't have time to do anything to it. I think it may start dreading all on its own here soon.

  2. I so admire you. I change my hair dramatically once every three to five years (chop from unmanageable). Then I do nothing (let it grow back to unmanageable). I'm am a cliche.

  3. Siobhan, I don't know what changed in me. In the past I would freak out and sweat buckets in the chair getting my hair cut, afraid they would cut more than the 1/2 inch I asked. Now I go to a different stylist every time, and I am so flippant about it. I never like having my neck exposed--for about 30 years, and now my neck is out there, this is the shortest my hair has ever been in my life.


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