Wednesday, July 13, 2011

before and after: kitchen bull

The kitchen in our old house was bright and sunny with it's original yellow and sage-green tile.  We went with those colors, painting the cabinet fronts yellow, and adding lots of Mexican folkart around the room.  
We bought this bullhead in on our honeymoon in Mexico.  (That sounds a lot fancier than it actually was, it was Rosarito.)  Anyway, we loved him, and I loved where he ended up, over the kitchen sink. 

The kitchen in the new house was going a different direction, but I wasn't willing to let the kitchen bull go, so I hit him with some spray paint.  A lot of my friends joke about me spray painting everything white.  It's no joke, people.  Old things become new with the shake of a can...I can hear the balls rattling against aluminum now.  I love spray paint. I also love the fact that I am giving something old new life instead of buying new.  Recycle, upcycle, reuse. 
Here's what he looked like before. 

And here's what he looks like now, in his new home.  

What do you think?  You can tell me you if hate it, I can take it.  I think it is really unexpected that it is a matte finish, but it was what I had on hand, and I kinda like it.  What I love is that it can be changed any time with another can of spray paint.  

And yes, in case you are wondering, I did feel guilty because some artisan spent a long time painting that beautiful pattern.  But I'm over it. 


  1. i like it a lot. nice work, miss spracy.

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