Thursday, July 7, 2011

little plastic castle

If you don't already know, Winda is Chloe's fish.  She is a male beta.  What?.  
So, Winda moves around the house a lot which tends to surprise people.  But when I clean her bowl I leave her in the kitchen for a few days,  or she'll move for parties, etc.  Usually she lives on the sideboard by our dining room table.  
So recently Chloe discovered my Ani DiFranco cd, and noted that she is "half human, half fish," and took it from my office to show to Winda.  So there sat Ani on the sideboard for about a week, right next to Winda.  Then I cleaned her bowl and left her on the kitchen table for a little change of scenery...and not long after, I found this.  First time, totally cute and funny.  Second time?  Captured and shared.    

While getting this picture I noticed how bright white the light was.  One would think that summer light would be warm and winter light would be cooler.  I think that anyway, so I was surprised at how white the light was in the kitchen the other morning.  Look at the difference between the light in February and these taken July 1st. So very different.

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  1. i really should have straightened out those bottom two photos. yikes.


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