Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I taught myself how to make an animated gif this morning using this tutorial by wonderful photographer Marina Miller.   It was definitely a good brain exercise.  Poor Chloe was very patient, as I could not walk away from it until I figured it out. I did, and then we played shoe store.  The girl could try on shoes all day. Loves them.  She didn't get that from me.

Now I don't know why it's not playing as an animated gif all the time, but if you click on it it will play.  I didn't take these photos specifically to animate, just found some that might kinda work to learn on.  Sure, there's a picture out of order in there, but the picture is moving! Now that I can kinda do it,  I'll have to think of something fun to shoot and animate.

Okay, brain sufficiently stretched, now to stretch out on the sand!

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  1. it makes west equal parts fascinated, happy and embarrassed. i guarantee he is going to ask me to put it on for him later. "the chloe movie" he calls it. CUTE.


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