Friday, August 5, 2011

summer update

We played shoe store.
We played with makeup.
We had a dance party, just the two of us.
We took some pictures; we don't have to wonder
what she'll look like as an angst-filled teen.

I am on week two of being dairy free.
We made it to two concerts in the park:  one in the old hood, one in the new.
Had Chinese food.
Logged some hours at the bay.
Took Chloe to teppan for the first time, it was pretty darn fun.  She thought our server was very handsome, she told him so.
Visited with a friend in L.A. and felt recharged afterward.
Had Brazilian food.
Soccer was better than ever.
Chloe got a haircut while I got my brows threaded.
Had Lebanese food.
I swear she has grown two inches.

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  1. Holy wow...I can't believe I missed these photos before! She's gorgeous. And frighteningly, as you said, she definitely resembles a teenager in some ways. No, no. Stay small, Miss Chloe!


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