Monday, November 7, 2011


I've officially been blogging for one year. Yay! I wanted to commemorate today with a nice giveaway for you, but it's that time of year when yesterday it was October and then things pick up like crazy and then you blink and it's Christmas morning.  Am I the only one who feels that way?  I'm just trying to catch up.  Daily.
Perhaps I can make that giveaway happen anyway, just belatedly.
I have holiday ideas up whazoo, too, so we have to meet back here.

Cheers, friends.  Here's to one year, and to many more!

This weekend I was thinking a lot about this day.  I was wondering if we'd feel rested after "falling back" again--if we'd get up and do something fun, take some pictures.  We didn't.  It was cold and rainy and we stayed in bed.  But I still remember that morning fondly, trying to explain to my then three-year-old the concept of going to the beach without the prospect of getting in the water.  "We are going to get hot chocolate and sit there, it will be fun, I promise."
We should do it again.

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