Tuesday, November 8, 2011

rainy day sunday

Sunday morning I saw this on Pinterest via Estelle Pickersgill.  From a blog post by The Art Girl Jackie.

The colors drew me in, and the fact that I had all the supplies on hand sealed the deal.  A t-shirt, a plastic cup, rubber band, rubbing alcohol and sharpies.  I happen to have a rainbow of Sharpies I bought at Costco years ago.  One of those things purchased at Costco that I didn't really need but have used a ton.

Chloe was feeling pretty crafty because the first she wanted to do when she got up was bead something.  So she made that bracelet she's wearing in the photos below.  Then I made french toast from a leftover baguette, and then we attacked this little project.  It was fun and easy, and there was no mess--my favorite kind of craft!


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