Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving.

The day that Apple makes a product that can plug into my brain waves while I'm in the shower (where I have my best creative ideas and compose blogs in my head) or on the freeway (another creative place, earlier this week I missed my exit for work while thinking about a photo idea), I will be prolific blogger.  Until then, it is kinda hit and miss around here. I write in my head everyday, but less and less I am carving out the time to sit and write.

So today while my cranberry ginger chutney is cooling, I am stopping to say hello.  Hope you have a lovely, heart-warming, tummy-filling Thanksgiving.  We are having a small dinner here, and like last year, I am making a turkey breast, because it's easier and enough for us.  I am using this recipe for bacon and herb roasted turkey breast.  But I think I will also be bathing that breast in white wine because, well, why not?

Speaking of bathing breasts, have you seen 2 Broke Girls?  I love Cat Dennings, and have for a while, but good lord that show is like soft porn.  I'm offended on her behalf and yet cannot stop watching.  Neither can the husband.  Every Monday night.

So as to not finish on that note, I just discovered the children's clothing line Pumpkin Patch, and wanted to share.  I love the little Paris collection. We found lots of cute pieces at Nordstrom rack, including the dress Chloe is wearing here.  They are having a big SALE that starts today, so get shopping!

Have a great long weekend, friends!

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