Monday, November 14, 2011

three fifty.

We found this chair shortly after we bought this house, and I love it.  I don't love the dingy brown checkered fabric though.  It's tired and dirty.  I have been looking for a fun fabric for it since we bought it, something really graphic and bold, bright.  But I can't commit to anything big and bold (and expensive) when all the fabrics that I'm drawn to feel trendy, and I fear they will feel dated within a year.  

I want to play with chevron patterns, and ikats, but the pragmatic part of me can't spend the big money on upholstery.  I will save those patterns for accent pillows, and throws, things that can be changed out easily, and go with something more traditional and staid for the base of this great chair. 

We went to Fabric Barn, one of the great treasures of Long Beach, last weekend to get some craft supplies when I came across upholstery fabric for--you may want to sit down for this--$3.50 a yard.  For those of you not from around here, Fabric Barn has never been known for its fabric, it was a place to buy ribbon, this fabric thing is new.  So to find upholstery fabric there was a surprise, and it was even more surprising that I liked it. I found this soft blue that complemented our decor, and while I tried to walk away from it three times, I just couldn't leave it behind.  Three dollars and fifty cents, and I liked it.  It's way more safe than I wanted to go but it's so practical.  I could throw any patterned pillow on it and it would look great.  

It is also appropriate to the era of the chair.  I ended up getting two yards for $3.50 because there was a sticker in an odd spot so I have a lot of extra fabric.  Now I can buy a yard of some expensive Thomas Paul fabric for accent pillows with all the money I saved.  Yipee!

It should be back in a week and a half to pose for its after photos.  Perhaps while it's gone I'll see about refinishing our brass mail slot.  Yikes that thing is an eye sore.  


  1. That's a mail slot? Does your postman still walk from door to door? They don't do that here. Love the chair can't wait to see it when it's finished :)

  2. That is a mail slot, and yes, our mailman walks door to door. Where do you get your mail?

  3. If its solid brass, you may bring it over and I'll throw it on the buffing wheel, if you'd like.

  4. I have tried with all of my might to pull it out of there, nothing so far. I'll have Geoff try. I don't know what metal it is, I am not fond of the color.

  5. Try opening it and looking for screws on either side.
    Nickel-Plated would look nice!


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