Wednesday, January 9, 2013

she is six

I broke out my fancy camera the other evening at pretty light time. I had to bribe Chloe with cherries. "Momma, you like to take pictures, not me." This is the first time I have blatantly bribed her for photos. Like, we had negotiations before walking outside. I think it was because I interrupted something we were watching on tv.  Usually I just grab a moment when we're already outside. But this evening I wanted to get outside and capture that light.
While I love my iphone and instagram, I miss my camera. I don't miss the backlog of editing, though. I have hundreds of photos from this summer to go through still. But it is one of my goals this year to be better about posting, so I am starting here.
I got lucky with some pretty shots that left me feeling inspired to shoot more, instead of feeling rusty and disappointed, which is often the case.

She is six and so lovely.

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