Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a smile in my coffee

I accidentally broke one of my favorite coffee mugs a couple weeks ago. I bought it at Patchwork Long Beach a few years ago from Rock Scissor Paper.  When I went online to replace it I was met with a bunch of fun, happy, springy colors and designs. I thought I would just replace my cute owl mug with one of the same, but now I'm torn!  So many cute choices.  A mug in the mailbox would be the cutest thing to receive, don't you think? I love gifts that get everyday use and make the recipient smile often.
triangle pattern mug | zig zag mug | firework initial mug | coasters

These would be great for Mother's and Father's Day, and teacher's gifts. They have tons of other goodies, too.  Check out their coin banks and personalized stationery. If you like what you see, sign up for their emails, they have little sales often.  Now, to decide which one to get!  Cheers! 

*first photo is mine, all others via Rock Scissor Paper. 

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