Friday, July 19, 2013

souvenirs from mexico

Our friends, Marisa and Sian went to Patzcuaro, Mexico last month and brought Chloe this beautiful embroidered dress, and me a pretty reboso with a perfect pop of hot pink. They are both gorgeous, and we love our treasures. Thanks, girls!

Chloe was super giggly and funny when we took these pictures last night. We had a fun day at the beach with her bestie, and the silliness hadn't worn off yet. Chloe saw these pics and said, "Is that how my teeth look? They look so crooked." I said, they are wonky and beautiful. They will only be like this for a short time. "Is that how I look when I laugh?" Yes, beautiful and glowy.

 Below are a few of Marisa's Instagram photos from their trip. 
You can see more in her Instagram stream

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