Wednesday, September 4, 2013

first day of first grade!

I am really excited for Chloe's school experience this year, for a number of reasons. One is that she got the teacher we were hoping for. She comes highly recommended, and Geoff and I were really impressed with her at Open House last spring. Her classroom was one that you just wanted to be in--colorful, interesting, warm and cozy, and inviting. Ha, but not too warm, she's in one of the few classrooms that has air conditioning. Air conditioning is a big deal during the first 6 weeks of school, we always have a heat wave September through October.  I remember that from my elementary school days because I wanted to wear my cute new fall clothes, and would sit and sweat in my cords when it was ninety degrees out. Not comfortable. We have summer weather for another six weeks at least, and we planned her uniforms accordingly.

This year is also better because it's not Kindergarten. Kinder was scary for me, going from a very protected, close-knit preschool to a BIG, NOT ENOUGH LOCKS AND SECURITY DOORS PUBLIC SCHOOL. They didn't let us in the class with them, I wasn't familiar with the campus, it was all too much for me. This year I already love her teacher from the postcard she sent out introducing herself, to the teddy bears each child gets to keep for the school year. Chloe was beaming as she looked through the door to show me her bear. (I'm pretty sure it was Smokey the Bear, whom she got to meet in person up at our family cabin this summer, so it was a pretty good fit.) I don't have the nerves that I had last year. I say that, but I did come home and chop up a lot of fruit, which is what I often find myself doing anytime I'm feeling anxious. I'm going to call it excited instead of nervous, because I am.

As always, I can't wait to pick her up and hear all about her day. She has requested a trip to Ruby's to tell me all about it, just like we did after her first day of Kindergarten. I can't wait.

And yes, I agree she is looking way grown up here. Grown up and lovely, with one big tooth and one tiny tooth behind her nervous/excited smile. Love her.

In case that video doesn't load, it's here.


  1. Wow, she's beautiful! The uniform is cute too.

    I have not looked at your blog in a while - I like what you've done. I'll have to do some catching up.


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