Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i want workshops!

If I had a job, I'd be writing up proposals to my boss to go to workshops all. the. time. I wish I had the budget to attend any or all of these. Or, you know, a job to send me to them. Oh, while you're at it, fictitious boss, I'll take a laptop in a cute carrying case to take with me to these fabu workshops, thanks!

The first one, and the most affordable, is this Poketo workshop with photographer Bonnie Tsang.

I've been following her on instagram for a while now, and I love her style. Her workshop is about visual social media, of which Bonnie is a queen. She's also one to watch on Pinterest. I'm actually thinking of spending my birthday money on this workshop. From what I've read about other talks she's given, she's a generous speaker, letting her audience in on lots of her photography secrets.

Another class I'd love to take is BLOGSHOP.  Blogshop is a two-day workshop on photoshop for bloggers. The one thing I've heard said over and over again about this workshop is how efficient you become; that Angela and Bri teach all kinds of tricks on how to do things faster. And time is the one thing that keeps me from blogging all these wonderful ideas in my head. I would love to be efficient in PS. I know how to edit photos, and that's about where my knowledge ends. I would love to work quicker, and learn how to make my graphic ideas come to life. This one is a bucket list item for me, and one that I'd like to do sooner than later. I mean, I want to be more efficient right this instant! I wish there were scholarships available, shoot I'd intern, or be on the clean up crew. Just let me in there!
(This class will set you back around $800. You also need Adobe CS5 and laptop, so in total, about $2,600 if you're like me and have neither of those things.)

I'd be hard-pressed to choose between Blogshop and Blogshop Video. This workshop will set you back around $500 and is a one-day course. 
blogshop video fun from on Vimeo.

Ever since I saw this vacation video I've wanted to make more home videos of us. I have the super8 app on my phone, but often forget to shoot video. I have no idea how to edit video clips together, but love the feel, and the stories they tell. I have lots of good ideas that I don't know how to pull together, I would love to take this course. The documentarian in me wants to produce really cute moving picture memories. Childhood videos melt my heart. 

mexico adventures from Bri Emery on Vimeo.

In the home design realm, there is Design Camp. I have been following Anna Beth Chao since flickr days, somewhere around 2007. She teaches a mini one-day camp, and weekend courses, here's the Camp Schedule. I think this would be so much fun. One, because she has the cutest southern accent, and two, because I love her aesthetic. I haven't met a design of her's that I didn't like. Here's her Portfolio.
If anyone feels like sending me off to camp, I'm ready and willing to go. I'll pack my bags in two minutes.

I'm curious; are there camps out there you'd like to attend? I want to hear about them. Why not add to my dream list?

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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