Friday, February 14, 2014

the one where i really put myself out there.

I am excited to announce a special project that is debuting today. Last year I became increasingly enamored with photo projects that followed families with weekly photographs. I enjoyed viewing them for the amazing talent, different ways of seeing, and inspiration. It is lifestyle and family photography the way I like to see it, in the honest every day. I also liked that it seemed to be a do-able challenge with one photo a week.

I decided not to wait for someone to invite me into a collective. Umm, I'd be waiting a looong time. So I asked some photog friends if they would be interested. I was so afraid to ask, and a little surprised when they said yes! My friend, Diyosa Carter invited some others, (new friends!) and today we are launching Let the Wild Rumpus Last. I am humbled that these talented photographers are sharing a space with me, you have no idea. I do not feel worthy. I do however feel challenged and incredibly inspired. I can't wait to see everyone's photos each week.

Our name came was conjured by the lovely Cass Dottridge. I think it eloquently captures how we feel about these fleeting moments of childhood.

I am so excited! Like, goosebumps excited.

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