Thursday, March 6, 2014

time for an update

Pink Balloon Valance from Target | Mini Gold Triangles from Walls by Mur | Tufted Headboard from Target | Wall color is Coy Dew300 by Dunn Edwards | Duvet Cover from PB Teen | Area Rug in Lilac from Ikea.

When we moved in here nearly four years ago, Chloe was three. She wanted a pink room, but I was afraid to go all the way with it, so we just painted an accent wall with vertical stripes in pink, white, and chartreuse green. And we did it so that you wouldn't see it from the hallway. 
Now three years later she is still interested in pink, and I really wanted her room to look more finished, so we decided to tackle it. It has been a long, slow process. Mostly in the thinking and planning stages. We have really taken our time building a Pinterest board and making sure she doesn't change her mind right after we've made a significant purchase. We've changed our minds a lot. We still need a rug, and to order the headboard. Oh, and get all of her stuff that was moved into the guest room sorted through, whittled down, and back into her room. That part is hard for me, I love how clean and uncluttered her room is right now. She has a really hard time parting with things, so I have to do a lot of the sorting while she's at school.  

How it went down. We fell in love with that Juliette Tufted Headboard a long time ago from, it was just a matter of choosing a color. Sot that was kind of our jumping off point. Then I really fell in love with those pale pink valances, so I wanted to work those in because they are pretty, will make the room look really finished, and you can't beat the $25 price tag. I won the Mur mini triangles in an Instagram contest last year, and I let Chloe choose the color. I'm in love with gold right now, so I couldn't argue. She wants to use them as diamonds on her wall, I dig her style.
The wall color is what we originally used on her accent wall, it was nice to already have that chosen and here so that when I got a wild hair last week, I painted the other three walls.
Still trying to decide on a rug. I like the one above from Ikea, I like that it will bring out that deep purple color, and kind of ground the room, but we're still looking. I would have rather a plain duvet and a rug with a pattern, but the duvet cover was our big compromise item. She wanted zebra print and neon pink, and this is what I could live with. 

Afters soon! 

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