Friday, May 2, 2014

through the sun roof

We went up to Olvera Street for lunch and a little exploring the last day of Spring Break. When we got back into our little neighborhood Chloe got to stick her head out of the sun roof as a last hurrah. It is a huge thrill. I mean really, it is. Have you tried it? I thank my friend, Braxton for introducing me to "surfing the car" more than twenty years ago. If I remember correctly he was trying to cheer me up after a break-up, and it worked. Hugely. And that was the one time I surfed the car.

Then one night, years ago I was feeling exceptionally blue over my infertility when we were driving home from dinner. I was feeling so very sad and just wanted to feel better. I asked Geoff to pull the car off to a little side road and open the sun roof. I stuck my head and arms out and asked him drive. Poor guy, I do make a lot of crazy requests and he almost always obliges without question. And there I was surrounded by darkness, just stars and the moonlight and salty sea air rushing through my hair. The wind whipping tears from my watery eyes. And I felt better. Lighter.

And well, just look at her.

From this week's LTWRL.

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