Saturday, July 12, 2014

camp debbie day two

Tuesday morning we had tasty french toast made with fresh eggs that Chloe gathered from the coop. Prior to that I had a coffee date with Destiny. That's the horse's name, I didn't really have a date with destiny. I slept in a bit, but then we did muck out stalls. Chloe hung out with the younger chickens quite a bit, naming them all.
That horse smile cracks me up every time. 
We hung out with the horses, Chloe rode a bit. I rode a bit. The neighbor horses came for a visit. It was windy! We watched The Black Stallion while we ate lunch and those of us over age 7 might have dozed off a bit. For dinner that night we went to Kernville to That's Italian where Chloe devoured the first portion of pasta they gave her, and then three quarters of the second bowl they gave her. And garlic bread. Her appetite makes me happy, especially when we've been out in the sunshine working and playing. Maybe we need to start ordering adult-size portions for her at Italian places?

Debbie and Jim humored me and stopped on the side of the road so that I could take photos of signs and whatnot. We stopped at a little market in Kernville for breakfast items, and ran into some firefighters who were taking a break from working on the Shirley fire. You can see some smoke in the photo above. It was a great second day at Camp Debbie.

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  1. I sure miss you gals! It was a great summer. I loved having you come up and spend some time at the ranch. Hope to see you soon!


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