Thursday, September 4, 2014

halfway there with let the wild rumpus last

So, we are over half way through the year of our photo collective project, Let the Wild Rumpus Last. And while at times I've been frustrated by my ability (or lack-thereof) and my camera (which most likely points back to lack of ability) I am so, so glad to be doing this. Some weeks I've captured a little magic, and some weeks were more about feelings, like when she captured that little bunny at the stables and there were lots of tears when I told her we couldn't take it home. Some weeks I have forgotten to pick up my camera and I've found over looked photos from weeks before. A couple times I've phoned it in (literally) and other times we've gone to magical places and I would like to post all of my photos for the whole year from there. 

But part of the reason I want to share these all together is to encourage everyone to take more photos. My friend, Rachel Dennenberg offered some advice right after Chloe was born. She said, "take lots of pictures and videos, you will never regret having too many photos." She was so right and even though I take lots, I always wish I had more because this childhood stuff is so incredibly fleeting. I always wish I had more video, too. I'm trying to be better about shooting more videos and learning some fun video editing techniques so that I can put clips together in more creative ways, and I love it.

The photos won't all be technically correct or beautiful, but hopefully they are honest and transporting because they grow up so quick. And these photos, mementos and souvenirs are the best thing we have to hold on to as our hearts ache with the passage of seemingly hyper-lapse speed of time that is childhood.

When I think of starting a yearly series it seems daunting--once a year? How unfulfilling! But I just added my sixth photo to her 'First Days of School' album as she enters 2nd grade. So take those annual photos, they are fun to compare each year and it's not too late to start. Monthly works, too, as does weekly and whenever the mood strikes. I'm just so glad we area doing this, because I wouldn't have most of these photos if not for this project.

Thanks again to everyone who is playing along with me. This week's photo on  LTWRL.

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