Tuesday, April 14, 2015

road trip games

While driving to downtown LA Saturday afternoon Chloe and I were playing random games to pass the time.

She said, "let's play test questions."

"Okay?" I responded.

She went on, "You could go on a three hour trail ride OR go to a fancy French party...with handsome men to dance with and you get to wear a fancy dress in pink or gold?"

She knows me so well. I simply couldn't choose. They both sound perfect to me. I had to ask, "is the party in France?"

"Yes, and so is the trail ride. And they are both three hours."

Oh no. Oh dear. I want both.

Time passes.

"Mamma, you have to chose one."

I can't. They are both so good.

"Okay, the party is after the trail ride, so you can go to both."

This makes me smile to no end. So to Chloe, if you cannot make up your mind, and you hem and ha long enough, you can just have both things. I like her way of thinking. Also I never knew how badly I wanted to go to a fancy French party until she proposed the idea.

I had a harder time thinking up two equally perfect choices for her. Since we had just been to Universal Studios the day before, that choice won over all others, except maybe riding a horse through an empty Disneyland.

Fun questions to think up on a road trip.

Oh, and on our drive to Universal Studios Geoff read trivia questions to us from Trivia Cafe, which was also a good time and we all learned what a monotreme is.

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