Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Since the arrival of the month of August I have felt a sense of urgency to complete everything on my Summer to-do list.  Hence, I've been sitting at the computer a lot less and doing a lot more.  Time is flying by; that is, with the exception of time that goes by without dairy.  Dairy-free time is crawling, it has been three long weeks yesterday.  One week to go.  I started at once when the doctor told me to try it for thirty days, quickly calculating in my head that I'd be done before my birthday and able to eat cake and ice cream.

Still on my list:
Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum
Palm Springs
Vet's Stadium flea market
Tim Burton at LACMA
OC Mart Mix
Water Taxi to Queen Mary, Maya

Anything I'm forgetting?
Off to do more!

I like this photo because it is hard to tell what is indoors, and what is out.  My waist seems to disappear in the rug at my front door, which appears to be much closer than it actually is.   The messy table, and the faceless neighbor at my feet.  I just like it.


  1. Neat picture! Was this photoshopped?

  2. Thanks, it wasn't photoshopped, it's just that indoors and outdoors are hard to discern because of all the reflection.


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