Friday, August 12, 2011

so many changes

Perhaps my favorite diptych ever.  This so illustrates all the changes this summer.  As June began, she didn't swim, and she didn't want to write her letters.  We would do workbooks and she would do everything but the letters--math, puzzles, colors, shapes.  Last night she wanted to write.  She wrote mommy for the first time.  I almost exploded.  While working on these photos I asked if she would write her name for me with the mouse, she humored me.  But then she wanted to write mommy again. I melted.  
Thus, my favorite diptych ever.  

I'm not sure if I can take any more growth this summer.  The changes are proud-making and heartbreaking at the same time.  She's not a baby anymore.  I know next year I will look back on these pictures and think she was sooo little, but I can't wrap my head around that, not without my heart aching and tears welling.

Hope your weekend goes swimmingly!

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  1. She is looking so much older. Cogratulatioms on the letters


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