Saturday, April 7, 2012

the basket

Chloe was such an amazing helper today that I almost did not get this post done, she has been by my side all day.  She helped me wash my car and clean the floors, we decorated cookies, and dyed eggs.
We have been going strong all day long, and she finally went to bed at 9:30.  She is rocking the spring break late nights.

So the tradition is that she gets a swimsuit, and that the easter basket itself is a functional container.  This year it is a watering can from the dollar bin at Target.  She always wants to water outside, so this was perfect.
Inside we have a cute sundress, a butterfly bubble blower, SweeTarts gummies, a travel puzzle, socks, and chocolate mousse Peeps dipped in chocolate.  I am not a fan of Peeps, but these I have to try.  A leotard because she only has one, and has really taken to ballet; it is a reward for sticking with it.
I had to get sneaky and pick up the swimsuit after the short time alone I had to assemble the basket, so I will be adding these things tonight.  A cute suit from Children's Place, matching flip flops, and sunglasses.  All of which are necessities as we are heading to the desert for a few days! I am beyond excited.  Not sure how it happened but we haven't been to the desert for almost two years, it is time.

Happy Easter, everybody!  Enjoy your day.  

If you're interested you can see last year's basket, and previous years.

Thanks Easter Bunny, bawk bawk!  

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